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For those of you who do not regularly talk to me personally may (or may not) be wondering why I just suddenly disappeared off the planet for quite a while. I'll explain that in a moment as to why, but I first want to cover stuff that pertains to anyone following this blog.

If you are here to see my art then its likely ill be posting stuff up again relatively soon though it wont be nearly as pony focused as it has been in the past, fair warning. I really do want to branch out and get out of this pony rut comfort zone I got myself into. I've become too comfortable drawing the same things over and over again and the improvement of my art has since then started to stop so I just need a  "change of scenery". This isn't to say I hereby stop drawing ponies forever, it just wont be as frequent.

I think that about covers what I wanted to say to the general audience. For anyone interested I'll explain why my sudden league of absence.


The short version: About 2 months ago, I had woke up with a pain shooting through my right arm all day. I didn't think too much of it at the time and just let it go. I figured it would get better by the next day after some rest. The pain wasn't that bad then, but the next day it was worse, a LOT worse. Still I figured that maybe it wasn't too concerning at least not until mid day when I started to notice an extreme degrading of mobility in my right thumb, being unable to extend it, and the fingers followed suit not long after.

After this happened I have been bouncing between immediate care and doctors until I had eventually landed myself at a neurologist. At first immediate care told me it was tennis elbow, but when I went to my primary doctor he was concerned about the fact that it wasn't the fact it was painful to move the fingers, I just cannot physically extend them on my own without external force, and thus began my trek through 2 more doctors, periodical doctor visits, MRI scans, and what I believe is called an EMG test (basically a test to see if you have any damaged nerves, no its not fun).

After getting all that done I am finally told that my radial nerve has been stretched and that's why I cannot use my right hand (my drawing hand) very well to this day. The nerve damage is sever enough for  me to not be able to extend my fingers at all on its own. The pain in the arm is gone but its up in the air as to when ill finally have movement back in my fingers. I don't expect this to heal for at least another month.

The situation makes a lot of things much harder than it should be. As of right now I'm not active at my job because I cannot possibly work like this and be any where as quick as Mcslave Trade needs me to be. So with that I have no income. Typing is a pain due to only having my left hand on the home row and the other is doing the hunt and peck method, so typing anything is now twice as slow to get done.

The biggest problem with all this is that I had a hard time drawing for a while and i wasn't sure if it was good for my hand to be doing that for the longest time. It's very difficult for me to just sit around for months not drawing anything because its just kinda been infused as a part of who I am in my mind.

Due to this, since my tumblr is super art heavy its hard for me to look at what others have done because it gets me to want to draw more. I didn't want that temptation so I just kept off of it for the longest time. I probably should have said something then but I didn't know what I was dealing with until recently. This being said my hand is still messed up, but I've found ways to still draw well enough even like this. My hand writing is awful but I can at least draw some.

For those of you who are reading this you have my thanks. It means a lot that you care/are interested in me enough to know what the deal is.

Till next time everyone. (I hope I didn't ramble on too much)

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